Windstruck BK Love - MC Sniper English Lyrics Music Video

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Jun Ji-Hyun in Windstruck Movie : Background Music was BK Love By MC Sniper 


Here you go- 
Name of Korean movie:  Windstruck (2004) 

Music Video- BK Love By MC Sniper

English Sub,Bengali Lyrics and music video made by me (Rifat Sharna) [Video link is given at the end] 

Director: Kwak Jae-yong

Starring- Jun Ji Hyun,Jang Hyuk


Back then (around 6 years ago) I watched this movie 'Windstruck' and immediately fell for the sassiness of actress Jun Ji-Hyun (yeah, I watched her 'My Sassy Girl' first, yet this movie became special for me). And the music of the movie was so heart-touching. Among them, I'm particularly  mentioning 'BK Love' cause I'm not into hiphop or rap but this song captured my heart somehow. I think this particular song just synced  with immense grief of Jun Ji-Hyun's cool character (police office Kyung-jin). Later I came to know, this song was actually composed by MC Sniper back in 2002- mainly for his friend rapper BK- he was also broken hearted that time like Kyung-jin in Windstruck. 

Jun Ji-Hyun and Jang Hyuk in 'Windstruck' Poster 

However now coming to the point- I listened and liked this rap song-BK Love but didn't understand a single world (and it's obvious, being a newbie to Korean world ). But as I have self-studied Korean for years just by myself, now I can translate!  Though it takes a lot of time, I've to search a lot in Naver Korean dictionary, but finally made it just 3 months ago. Beside translation in English and Bengali, the music video is edited by me :) (yeah, it really  took a lot of time!) 
So here it is- I hope you would like it too :)


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